Marketing 3

Consumer Behavior

  1. Consumer Behavior
    1. Marketing and customers are directly related. Therefore, it is necessary for marketers to know about consumer behavior.
  2. Influences on Buyer Behavior
    1. There are other influences other than 4Ps
    2. There are few inner stimuli of consumers that controls in purchase decision
    3. Marketers really need to know those stimuli
  3. Cultural
    1. Race, city/rural, generations…
    2. Shared history, media, language…
    3. Value, customer, meaning…
  4. Society
    1. Belonging aspiration and dissociative (does not want to belong to any), family and friend (viral marketing), opinion leader (yelps…)
    2. Reference Group: Have influence to group that they are belonging. Very loyal to their group
  5. Personal Factors
    1. Their personal behavior has influence on their consumer behavior
    2. Life cycle stage (kids, marriage, young)
    3. Occupation, life style, personality, self-concept
  6. Psychological Factors
    1. Motivation: Like Maslow’s needs, there are other researches on the buying decision process of consumer à Qualitative research
    2. Perception: Making sense of world around you
    3. Learning: Previous experience will change the attitude towards the products in a future
    4. Beliefs/Attitudes
  7. Consumer Behavior Categories
    1. High Involvement: takes longer to decide (Computer, car)
    2. Low Involvement: takes short amount of time to decide (Salt, sugar)
  8. Decision Making
    1. Adoption Process
      1. Consumer thought process
        1. Relative advantage: advantages of DVD player compare to VCD player
        2. Compatibility: Can this new DVD player have function of VCD player as well?
        3. Complexity: Is it easy to use?
        4. Divisibility/trial ability: Is it not difficult to adapt new things?
        5. Observability/communicability: Is it relatively known product or not?